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Microtransactions, Blockchain, and the Future of Publishing

Understanding developing technology will be crucial to the future of publishing

Breaking Down Barriers: Search and Knowledge

Academic research and publishing lags behind broader means of search and discovery - a trend desperately in need of being reversed.

Technology meets Education

Technology charges forward, and education must keep up. Using the newest tools, educators are more empowered than ever before.

The Scholarship Monopoly

Monopolization of information puts academics at risk of becoming beholden to corporations

A New Semester and a New Way to Share Knowledge

Save money, stay up to date, and help students and teachers better engage with knowledge through low cost self-publishing.

Using APIs in Academia

Print API is a resource for academic publishers, allowing for printing without sacrificing branding.

Promoting yourself: Books as the new Business Card

Use your book to promote your brand and share your knowledge!

Making the Most of Kudos

What is Kudos and how can it work to promote and track your work?

Going to Market: 3 ways to promote your Academic Content

Don't let your book languish, develop and follow a marketing plan to share your knowledge.

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