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Open Access is a paid service for ebooks that provides the files free to students and institutions. This low-cost service helps make your content readily available to academics at all levels.

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Developments in Open Access

Open Access is a service authors and publishers can use to make their research freely available to other academics and students.

Books = Money

Paywalling Knowledge

Consider how institutions are positioned such that they must engage a contracted publisher to access necessary information.

Technology meets Education

Technology charges forward, and education must keep up. Using the newest tools, educators are more empowered than ever before.

GlassTree now publishes ebooks including Gold Open Access

GLASSTREE ACADEMIC PUBLISHING PUTS ACADEMICS IN CONTROL WITH LAUNCH OF NEW EBOOK SERVICE GOLD OPEN ACCESS AVAILABLE TO ACADEMICS PUBLISHING RESEARCH ONLINE Newly-launched Glasstree Academic Publishing announced today the launch of its new ebook service, allowing academics to independently publish their cutting-edge research affordably, and in a matter of hours. The offering dramatically increases online …

GlassTree now publishes ebooks including Gold Open Access Read More »

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