Selling Knowledge: Why Academic Conferences are Key to your Success

In academia, there is often a lot of focus on the research, vetting, and compilation of data. Once the research is done, the conclusions drawn, and the text committed to the page, what comes next?

Some academics will move on directly to their next project, starting the research process anew. Others will need to go out and seek that next opportunity.

Those in the latter group have a very important tool as they petition for grants or jobs: that researched content they created. That knowledge gained.

Savvy entrepreneurs and innovators know that knowledge is the hottest new commodity. Academics can learn from this—by taking their knowledge and turning it into a commodity.

As an academic with the data and knowledge acquired from your study, you’re in a unique position to leverage this knowledge to build credibility. If you’re not familiar with the concept of a “Book as a Business Card,” it is an idea you should get comfortable with.

Previously, books were seen as a way to generate income through sales revenue. Modern print-on-demand brings the cost to create books so low, a creator can easily use their book as a marketing tool.

Make no mistake, when you go out in search of research funding and grant money, you are marketing yourself and your research.

There’s an upside to this: as an academic, you’re already in a strong position to leverage that knowledge you have. Your research, in the form of a book printed at a low cost and available as needed, is the perfect means of creating real connections.

This year, as you’re attending academic conferences and events, consider how you might make use of print-on-demand technology to offer your knowledge to eager schools, groups, and investors.

Conferences & Events 2018

Conferences & Events 2018

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