A New Semester and a New Way to Share Knowledge

With classes already starting for the fall semester, many in academia will be looking to their texts for knowledge, information, and ways of promoting their curriculum. Students are delving into their assigned readings, while professors and administrators closely monitor the effectiveness of their teaching plans to adapt to the ever-changing education environment.

Over the years, textbook manufacturers have held knowledge-based content hostage. Institutions of higher learning are forced to use texts controlled by these large publishers, paying exorbitant prices for printed copies. Some of these texts were so specialized and often updated that a purchased book could be out of date in a matter of a year or two. What student wants to pay $100 for a book that will contain outdated information shortly after the class concludes? Or for a course-specific book with very limited use after the course is finished?

Now consider Glasstree. We’re an independent self-publisher from Lulu Press, the original online self-publishing platform. We know publishing and we know printing. Our print network is among the best and broadest in the world. Our print quality is unparalleled. Best of all, thanks to on-demand printing technology, a book published and printed with Glasstree will cost a fraction of the price a traditionally published book costs.

How does it work?

If you’re a teacher, administrator, or academic librarian, you can utilize Glasstree’s independent publishing tools to create your own text. Why teach from someone else’s book when you can have your own? No longer will you have to assign specific chapters or sections, nor will you have to build a curriculum around the text.

Make it all your own, with Glasstree. Low-cost print books, exceedingly affordable Open Access hosting, and the complete control over your work. Take education into your own hands and bring your knowledge and expertise to eager minds.

Glasstree is built on the philosophy that the people with the knowledge should be in control of disseminating that knowledge. No longer must academics and institutions be hampered by giant publishers. The bonds can be broken, and in doing so, academics can make academia into the vital and necessary institution it ought to be.

So this year, as you prepare for another school year, think about how you could better reach your students, engage with the coursework, and provide even better learning by retaking control. Glasstree is here to provide the tools you need to teach the way you know works best, with the materials on hand and readily available as you need them.

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