Making the Most of Kudos


Once you’ve completed the publishing process, the next step for your work will be distribution. You need to get the book–and the knowledge contained there in–in the hands of yours peers, other academics, and students who need this information. The goal is knowledge sharing.

After you make some initial contacts and put the book in the hands of people and sources you’re already connected to, what is the next step?

Well, you’ll need a solid marketing plan and we can help with that! Today, let’s talk a little about an unique tool available for academics and offered for free with your published book on Glasstree.


Kudos ( is a service designed to assist in tracking and promoting your book. While it may seem tremendously complex to get your book in front of new readers, Kudos can help by arming you with the most important tool in your marketing arsenal: data.

Here’s how it works.

  • Go to Kudos’s website and register.
  • Create an explanation of your work. Be sure this explanation is pretty simple and speaks to your intended audience. This blurb can mirror any other description you are using for your book, but it doesn’t have to. The important things to think about when crafting your description is “why is this book important” and “what contextual information helps make this book appeal?”
  • Share your book across all media outlets you’ve settled on. Consult your marketing plan and share the book based on the decisions you lined up in the plan.
  • Measure the tracked results with the Kudos dashboard.

Kudos works with any content you’ve published, from a variety of publishers, to track the places and ways readers interact with your work. Launched in 2014, Kudos already works with 75,000 researchers and 50 publishers around the world. And that number is only growing each year.

More than just the size and scope of Kudos, they are the only toolkit specifically designed to enable authors to take control of their reach and impact. By providing concise metrics and useful data about how people find and engage with your work, Kudos is a potent tool for helping develop meaning promotional material, and knowing where your readers tend to look for their information.

Kudos can track sales, downloads, citations, and views across a range of locations. This data is crucial, as you’ll be able to see how people are finding and viewing your book–leading to enhanced marketing for future work and narrowing your focus for your current book.

Data above all else is crucial. Kudos is a free tool to help you gather the data you need.



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