Collaboration: Glasstree and Cambridge Academic Publishing

Here at Glasstree we’re always on the lookout for new and exciting ways we can help promote academic publishing. Part of that search involves going out in the academic communities and connecting with different people, groups, and institutions to help further knowledge sharing and academic publishing.
Recently, Glasstree identified Cambridge International Academics, a research and development group focused on expanding reach and discoverability for academics, as well as providing the needed support for research and publication of knowledge based materials.
Cambridge International Academics is proud to enter into a collaboration with Glasstree Academic Publishing. This partnership will enable Cambridge International Academics to fulfill publication demands and services for the society Book Series, Conferences Proceedings Editions and Monographs. Congratulations to all of networked stakeholders, authors and editors within the society!
Glasstree is happy to bring our publishing services to academics desperately in need of cost efficient, high quality alternatives to traditional academic publishers.

Glasstree challenges the traditional academic publishing model by placing academics in complete control of their content, accelerating time to market and reversing an exploitative revenue model allowing academics to actually profit from sales of their work.

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