Glasstree at the American Library Associations Annual Exhibition

From June 22-27, The American Library Association took over an exhibition hall in downtown Chicago, IL to hold their annual event.


Glasstree was in attendance, eagerly helping academics, librarians, and authors to learn more about the many services we have to offer.

We had the good fortune of experiencing historic Chicago during a beautiful series of days, with abundant sunshine and moderate temperatures. But all the sunshine in the world couldn’t deter the more than 12,000 attendees of the ALA conference, who came specifically to learn about the new and exciting work being done to promote and expand libraries around the world.


Most impressive about the event was the sheer diversity of attendees, both exhibitors and those walking the floor. While it shouldn’t come as a surprise, any stereotype about librarians you may hold should be discarded. Everyone, from all walks of life, have need and use for our library systems. Information is the most important currency in the modern world, and those in attendance at the ALA conference were keenly aware of this.

The exhibit featured a variety of publishing and cataloging groups, alongside numerous technology and information gathering resources. The role of public and university libraries continues to expand, enabling communication and research from all over the globe to be consolidated into a single location. For anyone who doubted the role and importance of libraries in the future, the ALA conference and exhibition is a sure way to reassurance.


From the publishing perspective, Glasstree representatives spoke to numerous individuals interested in the role independent publishers play in the ever changing library landscape. Particular interest was in the means for controlling their work and retaining rights when publishing with an independent publisher.

Most interesting of all was the volume of those involved in library and academic pursuits who had little or no idea about independent publishing. Using low cost, web based tools to publish without the long wait and tedious interactions with publishing houses was a foreign concept to the majority of attendees. This provided Glasstree, as well as other independent publishing services in attendance, an opportunity to shed light on the new and ever improving means authors and educators have before them.

Independent publishing may never replace traditional methods, but the academic world in particular has need for alternatives to the existing models. Educators with custom curriculum, academics in need of publishing credentials, and Universities with their own press all have use for the tools independent publishing offers.

Perhaps most exciting is the potential Glasstree offers university professors and students to publish through university press options. Here at Glasstree we hear what those in the field want, and are working diligently to make it a reality.

Over and over during the ALA exhibition, librarians and educators approached Glasstree with questions, and walked away astounded that there existed an alternative to the old publishing model. Alongside that, attendees had the opportunity to question us about the future of self-publishing, looking specifically at the ways an independent publisher like Glasstree can work with universities and individuals to provide broad access to our printing network and low cost, on demand services.

All in all, the event was a reminder that libraries and institutions of higher learning are as important as they’ve ever been, and they are eager to learn about the tools and options available to help spread knowledge. This is a mission Glasstree shares with the library community, and we were glad and honored to be part of the American Library Associations annual conference and exposition.

Glasstree enables academics to make a significant profit from their own work, reversing the traditional academic publishing revenue model, which typically pays authors an average of just 9% royalties, to offer 70% of the profits from sales. Its accelerated speed-to-market allows academics to publish their research in a matter of days or weeks, sharing their insights in record time.

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