Academic Event: Daniel Berze Speaking at University of Birmingham

Join Glasstree Academic Publishing’s own Daniel Berze on June 7th for a daylong series of panel discussions. Daniel, along with a variety of academic publishing experts and scholars will consider the current state of academic publishing while looking closely at how this industry is developing. Other speakers include Alice Roberts, Professor of Public Engagement in Science; Heide Glaesmer, Editor of Trauma und Gewalt – Forschung und Praxisfelder (Trauma & Violence – Research and Practice), Vice Head, Department of Medical Psychology and Medical Sociology, University of Leipzig; and Robert Langham, Senior Publisher, History, Routledge (Taylor and Francis Group): Research Monographs.

Academic publishing is evolving along the same trajectory as traditional publishing. As the means to publishing become more open and less expensive, academics, researchers, and students will have much improved access and means to publish their work.

Hosted by the University of Birmingham, the event is run as part the Innovation Training Network

The panel sessions will last all day on Wednesday, June 7th, with five sessions each lasting about an hour, with a break for lunch. Topics covered include:

  • Publishing Perspectives / Journals
  • Publishing Perspectives / Books
  • Getting Ahead in Academia
  • How Independent Publishing Complements the Academic Life Cycle
  • Engaged Dissemination: Public Engagement’s Role in Academic Dissemination

Daniel will specifically speak to the role of books in Academic Publishing during the perspectives panel, and will lead Session 4, focusing on Independent Publishing’s many complementary offerings for Academia.

Glasstree enables academics to make a significant profit from their own work, reversing the traditional academic publishing revenue model, which typically pays authors an average of just 9% royalties, to offer 70% of the profits from sales. Its accelerated speed-to-market allows academics to publish their research in a matter of days or weeks, sharing their insights in record time.

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