Open Access Book Publishing – the King is Dead – Long Live the King!

EU Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation Carlos Moedas has called for Publishers to adapt in order to make Open Access (OA) truly open. Presently, it is prohibitively expensive for authors to publish their monographs with the OA model due to the high price of Book Publishing Charges (BPCs). While OA might facilitate accessibility from the users perspective, it is restricting access to book publishing from the academic authors’ perspective. Not all authors have access to funding sources and authors in some academic disciplines (e.g. social sciences), and from many developing countries, are particularly challenged to finance these costs. These difficulties are well known and have been described in various articles (see and

Glasstree Academic Publishing and Glassleaf Academic Publishing Services have risen to the challenge. With typical Book Publishing Charges in the $10,000 to $15,000 range for a typical monograph (100,000 words), Glasstree will provide OA book authors with:

  • double blind peer review;
  • manuscript assessment;
  • copy editing;
  • ISBN;
  • DOI and Bibliometric tracking (via Kudos);
  • OA digital book published on ($20 per year – free of charge for the first year for those who publish before December 31, 2016);

…..all of this for less than $4,000. Additional services are also available (developmental editing, illustration, design, translation, marketing, etc.) at very moderate costs. We can provide an exact estimate of your OA BPCs upon request.

Glasstree Academic Publishing – Glassleaf Academic Publishing Services – making Open Access truly OPEN for one and all. Coming in November 2016. Long live the King!

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